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Natural Sightseeing tour

Tour code : ECO-NST-01
Tour type : Eco Tours
Duration : 10 days
Best time to go : Spring, Summer
Tour route : Tehran , Kelardasht , Rasht , Anzali , Ardabil , Meshkin shahr , Jolfa , Tabriz
Tour services : Entrance fee - Tour Guide - Transfer - Accommodation - Visa process & any Other tour services

Tour Route:

Forest Lagoon Lake Wild Animal Domestic Animal Tent Archeological Mountain Camping City Village Traditional Clothes Church Crescent Restaurent Gas Station

Tour pictures :
1st Day:

Arrive in Tehran and transfer to Hotel, Tehran overnight.

2nd Day:

Drive to Kelardasht, visit Chalus wonderful road, trekking & Sightseeing, Kelardasht overnight.

3rd Day:

Drive to Rasht to visit Namakabrud Tele cabin, Tonekabon, Ramsar,Rudsar, Langroud & Lahijan cities, Rasht overnight.

4th Day:

Drive to Masuleh (one of the oldest villages in the world), Anzali overnight.

5th Day:

Drive to Ardabil via Astara ( Heyran Pass - Wounderful ) to visit Anzali lagoon, Ardabil overnight.

6th Day :

Drive to Qotur-suyuee and Shabil to visit Shirvan valley, a day stay among Shahsavan tribes & local people to experience their way of life and enjoy their ceremonies with lots of pleasure & fun, Qotur-suyuee overnight.

7th Days:

Departure to Mesh kin shahr, get the biggest hanging bridge of East Asia. Enjoy its wonderful nature. Expolre Mesh kin shahr historical attractions, Sheykh HedarTomb, City excursion. En route to Mesh kin shahr, visit Shahryeri( Pirazmian ) - Shahr Yeri spread over a 400-hectare area, It consists of a fortress, three temples and QushTeppeh historical site. The fortress dates back to the third period of the Iron Age (2,800 years ago) and the temple to the Second Iron Age (3,200 years ago), Meshkin shahr overnight.

8th Day:

Visit Kohne Castel and then Drive to Kaleybar to visit Babak Castle, Kaleybar overnight.

09 th Day:

Drive to Julfa to visit , Aynalou Jungle, Aras River and Saint Stephan Church, then drive to Tabriz via Kandovan Cave village and then visit one of the greatest covered traditional Bazaars in the world in Tabriz , overnight.

10th Day:

Depertue to your destination, or Fly to the other city of Iran you have planed.

Tehran :

Kelardasht :

Rasht :

Anzali :

Ardabil :

Meshkin shahr :

Jolfa :

Tabriz :

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