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Trekking tour

Tour code : ADV-TTM-01
Tour type : Adventure Tour
Duration : 7 Days
Best time to go : Spring, Summer, Autumn
Tour route : Tehran , Ghazvin , Rasht , Astara , Ardabil , Sarein , Neor Lake , Soubatan , Lisaar , Rasht , Masuleh , Tehran
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Tour Route:

Mountain Camping Forest Lagoon Traditional Clothes Village City Wild Animal Domestic Animal Lake Crescent Restaurent Gas Station

Tour pictures :
1st Day:

Arrive in Tehran/Rasht and transfer to hotel, overnight.

2nd Day:

Travel to Ardebil by the Caspian Sea coast via Anzali, 7 hours trip brings you to Ardabil from Tehran and 3 hours from Rasht, when you arrive there, Ardabil's magical nature, Heyran pass (Heyran means wonder) and snow topped dramatic Mt Savalan welcomes you, or 50 min flights from Tehran brings you to Ardebil, Sarein overnight. Its cool climate and 12 warm spas refresh you and enhance your energy.

3rd day:

It takes half day stay in Ardebil to explore its rich culture and history , its historical attractions are including , magnificent monument of Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardabili , anthropology museum , six traditional baths ,eleven historical bridges , marvelous Jameh mosque , interesting Sheikh Jabrayil tomb ( 5 km far from Ardabil in Kalkhoran) , Ascend to Neor lake by car. Night camping there and enjoy its wonderful night.

4th Day:

leaving lake toward Soubatan village, whole of the lovely route is about 20km (origin 2450 high to destination of 1950) .passing charming valley by the river, visiting stony house of nomads' make the trip very joyful . It takes two hours to turn from main route to the very interesting sub route called Girkh Bolak valley, visiting Shahsavan nomads is one its attraction .After about 5 hours trekking, staying for lunch and take rest in the another beautiful valley. Go on about 5 hours by mounting road, visiting valleys and charming summer quarters toward Soubatan village. Camping there or staying in cottages would be so joyful.

5th Day:

Keep the way to the lisar , there are two choices:
1st ; keeping the woody route by car about 5 hours.
2nd ; trekking in the wood whole of the route or just the end of wood about 5 hours and getting by Caspian sea, Rasht overnight.

6th Day:

it`s time to visit wonderful Masule village, then keep the trip to Tehran. Another program can be added, going up to Foman castle, Tehran overnight.

7th Day:

Transfer to the Airport, fly to your country.

Tehran :

Ghazvin :

Rasht :

Astara :

Ardabil :

Sarein :
- - - - - AlvaresAlvares is a ski resort in the Iranian province of Ardabil. It is the second standard ski resort in Iran and is situated in the hamlet of Alvares, which is located 24 kilometers away from the city of Sarein at an altitude of 3,200 meters above sea level - Sarein SpaLocated 28 km. away from the city of Ardabil, this complex of various thermal springs can be used by reaching the small town of Sar Ein at the foot of the Sabalan Mountains. Sar Ein is easily accessible through Ardabil airport and a good quality paved road. Equipped with modern facilities and newly built hotels, Sar Ein is one of the most visited sites by domestic tourists specially aware of the therapeutic virtues of these springs rich in different minerals. The most important springs of this area are: Qarah Soo Thermal Spring, Sari Soo Thermal Spring, Gavmish Goly Thermal Spring, General Thermal Spring, Bilehdareh Spring, Gol Ali Spring, Asad Spring -

Neor Lake :

Soubatan :

Lisaar :

Masuleh :

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