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Savalan mountaineering tour

Tour code : ADV-SMT-01
Tour type : Adventure Tour
Duration : 8 Days
Best time to go : Spring, Summer, Autumn
Tour route : Tehran , Ardabil , Meshkin shahr
Tour services : Entrance fee - Tour Guide - Transfer - Accommodation - Visa process & Other full tour services

Tour Route:

Thermal Mountain Camping Tent Traditional Clothes Archeological Wild Animal Domestic Animal Lake Village City Crescent Restaurent Gas Station

Tour pictures :
1st Day:

Arrive in Ardabil via Tehran/ Tabriz by plane or other vehicles, transfer to hotel, after check in explore its historical sites, especially Sheikh Safi- al din mausoleum, one of the greatest complex and the gallery of Safavid art. All of them brings for spiritual and idealistic feeling, Ardabil or Sarein overnight.

2nd day:

Maral tours support an exotic path toward 90 km Northwest of Ardabil, Meshkin Shahr, set magnificently as the foot of Mt Savalan North face En route to Qotur Souei and Shabil spa where nature magic fascinates you and where cold and hot water (49Ci) run side by side. after getting relax, Shirvan darasi valley is ready to be discovered by adventurous men. It's amazing wild and untouched wild nature delights you forever. Visiting tribes (Nomad of Azerbaijan) would be your great pleasure. It is interesting to see how these free men over come harshness of nature and live without any dependencies. They immigrate on April into summer quarters and back on September in to winter quarters. Earn your time and leave stressful city life as you move through Mt. Savalan amazing nature toward the shelter on foot of Savalan peak. Get rest in the shelter 1.

3rd day:

Early morning 6:00 Am is the time to climb to the Savalan peak, the climax of your journey, when you rejoice with the water at its beautiful lake in the top. Then about 14:00 (mid day) descend and rest in the Western Shelter by the Stony eagle. Around 5:00 Am go to the Kasra shelter in the west of Savalan peak, and take rest there.

4th day:

5:00 am is the time to ascend the Kasra and Haram peaks, then back to the Kasra shelter about 5:00 pm and get sheltered there.

5th day:

This day present another gifts of Savalan, early morning go down to Moeil village in the west of Savalan peak, to visit rural and nomadic life on foothill of Savalan, gives you ever lasting memory. Then trek to Qeunarje spa (86c temperature spas), enjoy its amusing nature, and wild waterfall and other spas like. Malek Suei Complex in foothill of Aygar mountain where is you enjoy your trip with many attraction such as: live music of Azerbaijan, warm water pool by the cold river and waterfall, Cave building, stony made restaurant, nomad lives. After pleaser times, you have a local food in the Stony restaurant. Then come back to Meshkinshar to see and walk along the biggest hanging bridge in the Middle east, Accommodate in Durna Hotel apartment .

6th day:

Full day Excursion to visit, Tomb of Shaykh Haydar, Kohne Castel, Castle of Qahqahe, Qarasu river, Traditional villages on the route to Castel of Qahqahe. Back to Meshkinshahr, Durna Hotel apartment overnight.
((Meshkin city is a collection of unparalleled mountains, rivers, springs, spas, valleys, orchards, and vineyards. ”Experience all of them in one boundary))

7th day :

Drive to Ardabil, en route to visit the ancient site called Shahar Yeri located 33 km from West of MeshkinShahr "Pirazmiyan " village. Its date backs to 8 century BC until late Islamic period there are engraved stone imaged as warlike men. This day you can seek and explore its history and culture. Then visit Ardebil traditional market (bazaar), and then fly to Tehran, Tehran overnight.
((And you can return to your country via Tabriz international airport, if you had a flight to Tabriz with Turkish airways,))

8th day:

Transfer to airport and fly to your country.

Tehran :

Ardabil :

Meshkin shahr :

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