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Nomad tour 02

Tour code : ECO-NAS-02
Tour type : Eco Tours
Duration : 8 Days
Best time to go : Spring, Summer
Tour route : Tehran , Ardabil , Meshkin shahr , Sarein , Masuleh
Tour services : Entrance fee - Tour Guide - Transfer - Accommodation - Visa process & Other requested tour services

Tour Route:

Accomodation Archeological Architectura lDesign Archeological Monument Architectural Border Bridge Castle Camping Carpet City Church Crescent Cycling Domestic Animal Forest Gas Station Islamic Lagoon Lake Longueur Mosque Mountain Restaurent Sea and Sun Tent Thermal Traditional Clothes Village Wild Animal

Tour pictures :
1st Day:

Arrive in Tabriz and transfer to hotel, Tabriz overnight.

2nd Day:

After breakfast transfer to Meshkin shahr- 186 km trip by car- via Ahar. Visit its historical and natural attractions such as: Sheykh-Heydar tomb, Kohneh castle, Khiav Jungle Park , amazing hanging Bridge, Meshkin Shahr Durna hotel apartment overnight.

3rd Day:

Drive to Qotur-Suei to swim in its spa and take a look at Shirvan Big Vally, Shahsavan tribe's lives (Decamping), Qotur-Suei - it is sulfuric Warm water Complex- Camping, Overnight.

4th Day:

Trekking toward Shabil spa to swim in its spa, visit Shahsavan tribe's lives (Decamping), you can Experience nomad live life there / Shabil camping, overnight.

5th Day:

Drive to Eliando, Qeynarje, Moeil and Malek Suee spas Complex, to see another face of Savalan Mountain that there are many tribe’s lives, Warm waters, rivers, waterfalls, rural lives, Malek su complex Overnight.

6th Day:

Drive to Ardabil (Sarein) en route visit Shahr Yeri ( Piraznian ), Shahr Yeri spread over a 400-hectare area, It consists of a fortress, three temples and Qush Teppeh historical site. The fortress dates back to the third period of the Iron Age (2,800 years ago) and the temple to the Second Iron Age (3,200 years ago), after reach to Sarein city, attractive 12 hot spas, welcome you, Sarein overnight.

7th Day:

Transfer to Ardabil (30 Min with private car ), to visit Shorabil and Seykh-Safi Art complex, En route to Astara city by passing wonderful Road Heyran , you can enjoy your trip at an amazing helical jungle road, before Astara city , then drive to Tehran to visit Anzali Port and Masuleh ancient Village, Tehran overnight.

8th Day:

Transfer to airport and departure to your country.

Tehran :

Ardabil :

Meshkin shahr :

Sarein :
- - - - - AlvaresAlvares is a ski resort in the Iranian province of Ardabil. It is the second standard ski resort in Iran and is situated in the hamlet of Alvares, which is located 24 kilometers away from the city of Sarein at an altitude of 3,200 meters above sea level - Sarein SpaLocated 28 km. away from the city of Ardabil, this complex of various thermal springs can be used by reaching the small town of Sar Ein at the foot of the Sabalan Mountains. Sar Ein is easily accessible through Ardabil airport and a good quality paved road. Equipped with modern facilities and newly built hotels, Sar Ein is one of the most visited sites by domestic tourists specially aware of the therapeutic virtues of these springs rich in different minerals. The most important springs of this area are: Qarah Soo Thermal Spring, Sari Soo Thermal Spring, Gavmish Goly Thermal Spring, General Thermal Spring, Bilehdareh Spring, Gol Ali Spring, Asad Spring -

Masuleh :

Description :
You can arrive in Ardebil by car, bus or plain. It is recommend to take a bus or car because this route is full of natural attractions.

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