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This tour invites you to explore the deserts of Iran. Iran is situated in a high-altitude plateau surrounded by connected ranges of mountains. The well-known deserts of Iran are at two major regions: 1) Dasht-e-Kavir, and 2) Kavir-e-Lut. They are both some of the most arid and maybe hottest areas of their kinds in the world.
Desert Tour
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Experience traditional live life in the nature - north west of Iran
Nomad tour 01
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This tour invites you to enjoy nomad tours of Iran. There are several nomadic tribes living in Iran. Their economy is based on animal husbandry and therefore their life style is dominated by their seasonal kootch (migration). Some of the tribes are still keeping their old life style of migration and living in tents. He diversity of their languages, music, dances, cloths, traditions and other cultural features is very interesting.
Nomad tour 02
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This tour invites you to experience and enjoy the North of Iran, the land which is covered with dense forests, mountains and impressive sea shores. It was a luxurious Place that provided all types of modern recreational facilities as well as tourism Infrastructure .The major provinces called Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan welcome to all tourists.
North of Iran
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This tour is an amazing tour for nature and plant lovers. Iran has all four seasons in most of the time of year and one can experience desert, sea, mountain and plains with adequate plant and animal species. This is a especial tour for environmentalist.
Natural Sightseeing tour
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