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Laleh Laleh Hotel Star

The hotel is located in the best spot of Sareyn. also,we can note it to as the largest ski area in Iran (tourist and sporting Alvares).Other hotel facilities are live music during the summer, particularly easily access to integrated savalan spa, conference hall with a capacity of 400 persons, conference hall with a capacity of 100 people, audio-visual facilities, a cafeteria, a sufficient coffee table traditional house, a summer restaurant, bank, cafe and taxi.25% discount is given to hotel guests. The hotel rules for children accomodation under six is free .for children older than six years costs like an adult
Boostan Boostan Hotel Star

The only new three-star hotel near to recreational centers water treatment of Sareyn .also, The quiet and charming environment of hotel with a collection of restaurants, coffee shops, traditional pergola, free wireless Internet, laundry, parking, safe deposit boxes and green space is ready to welcome your guests.children accommodation between 3-7 is half price if they donot use any services and above 7 years old is equal an adult .
Sepid Sepid Hotel Star

The hotel is equipped with all recreational facilities. all three-bedroom Royal Suites are equipped with a sauna and Jacuzzi.

Rezvan Rezvan Hotel Star

The hotel has restaurant on the fourth floor, traditional coffee shop , Wireless , Buffet , Taxi Services Boarding , parking , laundry ,Wireless , library with over 300 volumes , Conference Room ,Coffee Shop , Parking , dedicated Safety Deposit funds , the most advanced audio-visual systems and satellites including two separated channels run movies and cartoons .The hotel is near to Savalan ,amusement park and close to the medical center . Other features of hotel are based on hotel standards.
Kabir Kabir Hotel Star

Some units are equipped with Jacuzzi and private bathtub and Araz agency in Kabir Hotel is sales representative of all domestic and international tickets.
Chalderan Chalderan Hotel Star

The facilities of the hotel are amphitheater, inside and outside coffee shop, a variety of sports for men and women, conference hall, children's park, Summer Theater, cafeteria, restaurant booth supplies, traditional restaurants, mineral water pools, happiness and live music performances

Ershad Ershad Hotel Star

Management of Sarein Ershad hotel is proud to have 35 years of experience .the hotel is providing nice and happy environment for guest. Hotel with one excellent bedrooms (3 to 4 persons), two excellent bedrooms (4 to 6 persons), two-bedroom Royal (5persons), three-bedroom Royal (6 to 9 persons), and the Royal Suite double room can normally accommodate 258 people everyday.Ershad hotel apartment is equipped to city tour, wireless internet service,24 hours taxi service, 24 hours indoor parking, private safe deposit boxes, the most advanced systems for audio, video, satellite and other facilities according to international standards.
Oranous Oranous Hotel Star

The hotel features in addition to having all the facilities, it closes to the main shopping centers and tourist attractions. The hotel Complex and Oranous amusement park has one-two, three-bedroom units; all of them are equipped with all facilities. The hotel with specialized staffs, that are familiar to foreign languages such as: Japanese, English and French, has a unique conditions for reception of guests..Also, The hotel complex and Uranus amusement park is equipped to city tours, Internet service, 24hours taxi service ,24 hours indoor parking, safe deposit boxes with the most advanced systems for audio, video and satellite and other facilities based on international standard. The hotel is equipped with a dining hall for serving breakfast, which offers self-service menu. The apartment has one bedroom and two bedrooms units, and kitchen.
Emperatour Emperatour Hotel Star

It is located in th toppest part of city .

Fanous Fanous Hotel Star

This hotel has these facilities: city tour, Internet cafe and game notes (for public use), wireless internet service, exquisite handicrafts including: paintings and rugs, 24 hours taxi service, parking, safety deposit boxes, advanced audio systems video, satellite and other facilities.
Tamasha Tamasha Hotel Star

Tamasha Hotel, 2 star hotel , has one bedroom apartment, two bedroom apartment suites. Suites apartment hotel has one double bed in living room, fitted furniture and all of the facilities like fridge, TV, phone, central and reception desk .Tamasha hotel has 36 residential units .Tamasha hotel is providing better service and facilities .the hotel one-bedroom apartment has bathroom, kitchen . all units have central telephone, TV, fridge, furniture and all recreational facilities.two bedroom units have two bedrooms and like bedroom units are equipped with all recreational facilities.Tamasha Apartment Hotel Suites has all the amenities except bedroom apartment. This unit has the capacity of two persons.
Parsid Parsid Hotel Star

The hotel has 30 units, which includes one-bedroom units and two bedroom suites .they have 120 beds.Hotel facilities include the video center units, central Antenna for watching all Iranian TV channels with high quality PBX phone as well as some satellite news channels for foreign travelers. Apartments are equipped with the necessary equipment and supplies .Most units also have both Iranian and English Toilets. All units have a balcony to a large green space in the city with a view of Savalan Mountain or the hotel ground .Pardis hotel apartment has two restaurants. Each with a unique and beautiful design is providing peaceful environment for guests. Sarein Pardis hotel apartment has city tours, wireless internet service, 24 hours taxi service, indoor and outdoor parking, safe deposit boxes, and the most advanced Audio, Video and Satellite.

Takht-e-Jamshid Takht-e-Jamshid Hotel Star

The hotel is equipped with breakfast room and dining room that is offered self-service menu for tours .Also ,Sarein Takhtejamsid apartment hotel is equipped to city tours, Internet cafe (for public use), wireless internet service, 24 hours taxi service, indoor parking, private safe deposit boxes, the most advanced audio system video and satellite .
Khayam Khayam Hotel Star

Sarein Khayam hotel is 2 star hotel apartments.It has 25 one-bedroom units, twobedroom, , suites and royal suites .one bedroom and two bedroom apartment has kitchen, dining ,livingroom and Iranian and English toilet.Hotel suites have a kitchen, bathroom and a shower .it keeps its place among the good hotels of Sarein by changing the design of units and equips them with new facilities.These changes include changes in design, equipment and paint some units .In addition to having all facilities,it hasl elevator, big and beautiful landscaping and outdoor parking .Sarein Khayam Hotel has these facilities:24 hours taxi service , parking, safe deposit boxes, advanced Audio, Video and Satellite.

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