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Parsiyane Azadi Parsiyane Azadi Hotel Star

This 4 *hotel has old and new buildings. the old one have been applied in 1312 and the new one has been applied in 1341. Hotel rules for children accommodation under 6 years is free of charge if they donot use any extra services . Using hotel complex Spa water with its unique natural properties has 50% discount for hotel guests.
Ashk Ashk Hotel Star

The hotel has 64 residential units. 20 units are suites and 46 units are apartments along the beach. It has a specific beach, green space and coffee shop.
Bam Bam Hotel Star

Recreational amenities Green City Complex Ramsar addition to chairlifts line has included several residential projects and other entertainment as well. Among these projects are several nice restaurants and bars in a variety of beautiful landscapes as well as business units. This complex was opened in 1389 .It has kart track, track bug, playing paintball, sports clubs, marine and jet ski resorts . You have opportunity to spend sweet time to enjoy Resort beautiful view of the water, musicals fire and water view, Ilmeili forest park and coastal bower . Other attractions of the North of Iran is the largest unique modern amusement park in land area of 2 acres.Ramsar recreational complex with the green mountains, lush forests, pristine nature with the aim to benefit more tourists attempted to construct a beautiful forest village huts. It is equipped with complete facilities and amenities residency VIP suites at the most beautiful spots site of mountain.

Padidare Khazar Padidare Khazar Hotel Star

Other features of the hotel are restaurant, luxurious and delicious Iranian foods and wines, parking, coffee shop, pool and other recreational facilities.
Malekshah Malekshah Hotel Star

The Malekshah hotel is located in the northern cities of Ramsar .It has humid climate and natural human and attractions including beautiful Tlkabyn, water park, international airport, Dalkhany Forest Park .it is in the area of beautiful Javaherdeh.in the meanwhile the beautiful river is across from the hotel that is easily provided accessible to sea . The hotel has a land area of 7000 square meters and 6530 square meters of useful building occupancy level 5/2 of which are in the first phase space of a hotel. The second and third phases of hotel will be built in land area 2500 square meters which are equipped with advanced facilities , sports and playground for children and an indoor parking garage.The internal part of the hotel has a green space area of 4000 square meters it has nice and comfortable seats which are designed for leisure travelers . Hotel rules for children accommodation under 6 years is free of charge and children older than six years costs like an adult .

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