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Iran Caves

T here are wonderous caves in Iran. Alisadr Cave in Hamadan province is a notable example. Water flows inside the cave and allows boat riding inside the cave. In the town of Dehloran in Ilam province you can visit a cave which is the habitat for a rare species of bats.
Alisadr Caves, Hamadan-Iran

T here are also historical caves that besides their natural beauty were shelter to primitive humans.Paintings on the walls of such caves would reveal exciting stories to archaeologists.Examples of historical caves Iran include Shekarchyan Cave in Kermanshah province, Karaftu Cave in Kordestan, the caves of Humyan and Kalmkareh in Lorestan province,Kataleh Khor in Zanjan and Chal Nakhjir in Markazi Province etc.Cave Pra in Kermanshah province is the deepest cave in Iran.
Karaftu Cave in Kordestan-Iran

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