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Mina’ is one of the most traditional handicrafts of Iran whose origin dates back to around 2000 B.C, when it had originated in Iran. As professor Pope has put it in his book ‘The Survey of Iranian Art’:“Enameled working is the brilliant art of fire and soil, with baked, luminous colors that dates back to 1500 B.C.” >
Mina Kari

Enameled working is done through two different methods; the first method is to turn the colors into soft powder and mix them with water and glycerin, and then solve them on a glass surface and finally drawing the desired design on the object, just like an ordinary water color painting. In the second method, however, the colors are mixed with pine tree ink and the objects are painted using oil color technique.
Mina Kari

In both methods the enameled objects are heated on an alcohol burner to burn the ink, before putting them in the kiln. Next the enameled objects are glazed and put back in the kiln again. Nowadays the copper is used as the foundation of the enameled work. The employed copper has to be pure and of high quality. The necessary tools for this craft are: kiln, clamp, pliers and brush. Esfehān is the chief center of this enameled work.


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