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Qalamkari Sazi

It’s one of the traditional handicrafts of Iran that its origin goes back to the Sogians period that lived in Caucasus around 5000 to 7000 years ago and had Aryan origins. Engraving is done on different metals such as coppe, brass,

Qalamkar Sazi
Qalamkar Sazi

silver, gold and also some alloys. To engrave, first the back side of the work is covered by tar so as to prevent the work from causing a lot of noise, as well as getting punctured as a result of the hammering.

Qalamkar Sazi
Qalamkar Sazi

Then the chosen designs or patterns are engraved on the work by different chisels. After the engraving is done, tar is removed from the work and the chiseled area is covered with charcoal powder and black lubricating oil.

Finally the work is wiped clean and the black lines of the engraved designs appear on the surface of the work.


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