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Step to Iran | 1week Iran

Step to Iran    | 1week Iran Travel directly to Kashan, During this 7-day short journey you will meet another Iran. After arriving at IKA airport south of Tehran , the driver waits you in the arrivals hall. Tomaximize the time in Iran drive over the Persian Gulf highway directly to the desert city of Kashan .During the ride of three hours you will pass an impressive salt desert.

Iran Highlight tour | 1 week

Iran Highlight tour    | 1 week Iran Highlight tour | 1 week Short trip Tehran-Shiraz-Persepolis Esfahan-Kashan Intensive tour with a longer stay in the most famous cities of Iran. During this varied Iran trip you will not get bored. Ideal for a short introduction to Iran and its hospitable people.

Persian Silk Road | unique 10-day Iran trip

Persian  Silk Road | unique 10-day Iran trip Itinerary : Teheran (1n) – Shushtar (2n) – Khorramabad (1n) – Kermanshah (1n) – Sanandaj (1n) – Hamadan (2n) – Teheran IKA Airport In this trip you experience with a unique 10-day individual tour of the 10 most beautiful villages, cities and areas in western Iran. Admire the archaeological finds in the south western Khuzestan in the Persian Gulf. Visit Shushtar & Shush and be surprised by the ultimate in hospitality in the Kurdistan of Iran.

Iran Center Tour | 10 day Iran trip

Iran Center Tour  | 10 day Iran trip Itinerary : Tehran IKA airport – Kashan (2n) –Yazd (2n) – Pasargadae - Esfahan (3n) –Abyaneh - Tehran (2n) - IKA airport 4 city trip to Kashan –Yazd- Pasargadae - Esfahan - Abyaneh - Tehran. This travel initiated in traditional desert city of Kashan. After a restful stay in a charming boutique hotel, in order to save more time You take express train to Yazd , pearl of desert. The typical Adobe desert architecture makes a walk through the labyrinth of alleys an enchanting experience.

Treasure of Persia | 15 days

Treasure of Persia  | 15 days Itinerary : Tehran (2n) – Kerman (2n) Zein – o - Din caravansary – Yazd (2n) Abarkouh – Pasargadae - Shiraz (2n) –Persepolis – Isfahan (3n) – Abyaneh – Kashan (2n) This classic 6 city tour of Iran started in the capital Tehran. In this huge metropolis are many beautiful palaces and fine museums hidden. At third day of your travel , you get night train to Kerman , which lies towards the southeast of Iran and Famous for Lut desert , maybe hottest place in the world . from Kerman y

Treasure of Persia | 2 weeks

Treasure of Persia  | 2 weeks Itinerary : Tehran (2n) – Kashan (2n) – Abyaneh - Esfahan (3n) – Persepolis - Shiraz (2n) –Pasargadae -Abarkuh - Yazd (2n) - Tehran (1n)

Iran In Depth | 3 weeks

Iran In Depth  | 3 weeks During this very varied, individual tour traveling along the many cultural highlights and varied nature that Iran has. There is plenty of time to explore each town quietly at your own convenience. Moreover, traveling across country to see the Iranian landscape as much as possible.

Marco Polo | 21-day Silk Road trip

Marco Polo | 21-day Silk Road trip This 'slow travel' journey through Iran begins in the metropolis Tehran. From the capital, take a train to desert city of Kashan. From there we travel across the southern silk route to Kerman. This is the route that Marco Polo has ever made

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