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Tourist - Pilgrimage Visa

The applicant for a tourist-pilgrimage visa may submit the following required documents to the Consulate General in person or send them through registered mail or by the authorized representative of a recognized travel and tourist agency.
Tourist - Pilgrimage Visa

Tourist Visa :

The applicant for a tourist visa may apply through a recognized travel and tourist agency. For a pilgrimage visa, the applicant should apply to the Consulate General in person.

Required Documents:

  • The completion of relevant application form
  • Two photographs (6x4), front view
  • For the applicants of tourist visa, quoting the Reference number given by the travel and tourist agency and for the applicant of pilgrimage visa, submission of their own written request.
  • The original passport ( valid for at least six months)
  • The original payment receipt of relevant fees as provided in the consular services list price.
  • An addressed stamped (4 Euros) return envelope.


  • Incomplete documents are subject to reject and will be returned at the earliest possible time.
  • For the payment of relevant visa fees, click the consular services list price.
  • No cash is acceptable
  • If needed, the Consulate General may ask the applicant to attend an interview.
  • The submission of above-mentioned documents is not a guarantee that a visa will be issued.

Source : http://www.irangk.de
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